Bhindi Curry

Bindhi Curry is een vegetarisch gerecht met een droog textuur. Heerlijk met Naanbrood!

Butter chicken

It is a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce.

Chicken Jalfrezi

It is a delightfully flavorful curry with tender, juicy chunks of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried peppers and onions.

Loempia vegetarisch

Vegetarische loempia’s (2 stuks)

Palak Gosht

Palak Gosht is een gerecht afkomstig uit Hyderabad en is een speciale curry gemaakt met schapenvlees in een heerlijke spinaziesaus (Palak).

Prawn Jalfrezi

A delightfully flavorful curry with marinated tiger prawns in a spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried peppers and onions. 

Tempura (gefrituurde garnalen)

Gefrituurde garnalen (6 stuks)

Chicken Tikka Masala

It consists of marinated boneless chicken pieces that are traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven.

Lamb Curry

 It is a curry with a heady combination of intense spices in a creamy tomato curry sauce.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is een rijstgerecht met gebakken groenten, groentesaus en Indiase kruiden.

Chicken Curry

A typical curry from the Indian subcontinent consists of chicken stewed in an onion- and tomato-based sauce, flavored with ginger, garlic, tomato puree, chili peppers and a variety of spices

Chicken Tikka Balti

Chicken Tikka Balti is first cooked over a high flame with spiced fresh meat and vegetables; then cooked again with extra spices; before being served in the traditional round-bottomed Balti dish.



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