Loempia vegetarisch

Vegetarische loempia’s (2 stuks)

Tempura (gefrituurde garnalen)

Gefrituurde garnalen (6 stuks)

Mixed Vegetable Paratha

Mixed Vegetable Paratha is made with whole wheat flour, stuffed with vegetables, spices & herbs.

Aloo Tikki (3st.)

Aloo Tikkis are potato patties with an Indian touch – spiced and seasoned with herbs and fried.

Garlic Naan

A soft and fluffy Indian flatbread that is nicely infused with an irresistible garlic flavor.


Naanbrood is a traditional Indian flatbread, pan fried in ghee or butter.

Vegetarische samosas (2 st.)

Vegetarische samosas are a Pastry crust filled with savory potatoes and peas. Order now!!!